Netflix rival launches in The Netherlands and Belgium

New VOD platform WappZapp focusses on discovery and high quality movies and documentaries

A unique SVOD service named WappZapp TV has made its debut in The Netherlands and Belgium. At first the app only aggregated free available on demand video, but this month the company revealed it's freemium business model. 'WappZapp Plus' offers over 2,600 hours content, without commercials, for €7,99 per month, focused on price winning movies and documentaries, mostly from local independent distributors.

A unique SVOD service named WappZapp TV has made its debut in The Netherlands and Belgium this month.

WappZapp was already known in The Netherlands as a popular video dashboard aggregating free on demand video from multiple sources, allowing users to personalize their tv evening and to guide them through the overwhelming amount of content. The app seems popular, with more than 500.000 downloads, it recently won an Accenture Innovation Award in The Netherlands.

Dutch Newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reports the offer as 'the best alternative to Netflix so far'. WappZapp offers over 2,600 hours content, without commercials, for €7,99 per month. The content is hand-picked by the editorial staff, focussing on film festival price winners, European documentaries and music concerts.

The company focusses on over-the-top solutions and can currently only be received on iOS and Android devices (mobiles and tablets) but supports tv-streaming devices like Google's Chromecast and Apple TV. Web-version is said to be released in September.

WappZapp is planning to become a cross-European VOD platform matching rights holders and documentary makers to their specific target audience in a given country through extensive user profiling.

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Over WappZapp.TV

WappZapp is je eigen, on demand TV portaal. Met TV-gemist, Youtube en populaire videosites in één overzicht. Er gaat een wereld voor je open: Wat is er populair online? Is er een nieuwe aflevering van je favoriete show? Wat kijken je vrienden? Dus stop met zinloos zappen door die saaie tv kanalen, zapp door het beste van het web met WappZapp!

WappZapp biedt meer dan 500.000 Nederlanders hun eigen, online TV portaal. De app won vorig jaar de TNW Dutch Startup Award voor ‘Best mobile app’ en de Accenture Innovation Award voor 'Meest innovatieve entertainment bedrijf van Nederland' en was genomineerd als één van de top-5 apps in Nederland volgens De start-up is medegefinancierd door Sanoma en richt zich in plaats van op game-consoles en smart-tv's volledig op 'over-the-top' oplossingen zoals de integratie van Apple TV en de Chromecast.